UHN Resilience: Mindfulness Resources

Below are guided audio files for the UHN Resilience program

Body & Heart:

1 .Body Scan Intro (2 min):

Body Scan_Intro (2 min)

2. Body Scan_Practice (9 min):

Body Scan_Practice (9 min)

3. Body Scan Practice (20 min):

Body Scan Practice (20 min)

4. Mindful Movement – Floor Yoga (20 min):

Mindful Movement – Floor Yoga (20 min)

5. Loving Kindness Meditation (10 min):

5. Loving Kindness Meditation (10 min)


Breath & Mind:

1. Introduction (3 min):

Introduction (3 min)

2. Mindfulness-of-Breath (10 min):

Mindfulness-of-Breath (10 min)

3. Mindfulness-of-Breath-Body (10min):

Mindfulness-of-Breath-Body (10min)

4. Mindfulness-of-Sound-Thought (10 min):

Mindfulness-of-Sound-Thought (10 min)

5. Silent Mindful Bell Meditation (10 min):

Silent Mindful Bell Meditation (10 min)

6. Silent Mindful Bell Meditation (15 min):

Silent Mindful Bell Meditation (15 min)

7. Breathing Space (3min):

Breathing Space (3min)

Professional Training

Mindfulness Training Resource for Professionals (APA Table 1)

Mindfulness Training Resource for Professionals (APA Table 2)

Mindfulness Resources –¬†Academic & Centres

Harvard Health – Mindfulness Resources


UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

(Los Angeles)


Harvard Health Stress Resources


Heart & Stroke Stress Resources


Great West Life Workplace Strategies

  • assessments
  • communications training
  • stress reduction tools
  • job specific strategies



Centre for Mindfulness Studies (Toronto)


Mindfulness Resources – Miscellaneous Program Resources:

Dr. Daniel Siegel – Healthy Mind Platter


(source www.stress.org)

The areas marked “contemplation” are the areas that we familiarize ourselves with through mindfulness

Source (http://wisdomthroughmindfulness.blogspot.ca/)

An interesting model of how to regulate emotions by bringing mindful awareness to your experience



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