Weekly Meditation – Relief of Restlessness and Tension

It is not about relaxing the whole day, Do your work but find some time for your self, and that can be found only in relaxation. And you will be surprised that if you can relax for an hour or two out of each 24 hours:

  • it will give you deeper insight into yourself
  • it will change your behavior outwardly – it will be more calm, more quiet
  • it will change the quality of your work – it will be more artistic and more graceful
  • you will be committing fewer mistakes than you used to commit before, because now you are more together, more centered

Relaxation has incredible powers. It is not laziness. The lazy man may look from the outside, as if he is not working at anything, but his mind is going as fast as it can; and the relaxed man – his body is relaxed, his mind is relaxed, and his heart is relaxed.

Your body recovers, your intelligence recovers, you will not be frantic anymore – you will go directly to the point where you want to go, do things that are needed to be done; one will eliminate procrastination.

Relief of Restlessness and Tension

When: At Work, or at night before going to sleep
Duration: at least 20 minutes

Step 1: Mouth Breathing

Sit in a chair and rest your head (like you do on a dentist chair). You can have a pillow, so you are in a resting posture. (lay down on the floor on a blanket if this is not possible) Then release your lower jaw, just relax it so the mouth opens slightly, and start breathing from the mouth, not from the nose. A natural steady breath.
The first few breaths will be a little hectic. By and by it will settle down and the breathing will become very shallow. It will go in and out very slightly, that’s how it should be. Keep the mouth open, eyes closed, and rest.

Step 2: Leg Loosener
Then feel as if your legs are being loosened, as if they are being taken away from you, broken from the joints. Feel as if they have been taken away from you and start thinking that you are just the upper part; the legs are gone.

Step 3: Hands
Then the hands: think that both the hands are becoming loose and being taken away from you as well. Feel the sensation of them ‘disappearing’. Then just the torso remains – at this point relax your legs and hands completely.

Step 4: Release your Head
Then bring awareness to your head – that it is being taken away, that you are being beheaded, that the head is broken. Then leave it loose: wherever it turns – left or right – you cannot do anything just leave it loose.

Step 5: Totally Torso
Then you have just your torso – feel that you are only this much – this chest, the belly, that’s all.

*Exercise taken from Meditation Inc. (144 Techniques to Transform the Quality of Your Work and Life)

This activity distributes your energy from your upper body and most importantly your head – where tension gathers – throughout your relaxed, taken away parts.

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