Meditation Health and Wellness at Work

The Modern Meditation Program is a corporate training program that is comprised of three phases and 12 sessions. The program provides a resonant personal experience to each participant and is held in group sessions providing a powerful space for team building.

Simple, fun and effective the Modern Meditation Program develops intuition, creativity and clarity in each participant, while providing the tools to eliminate tension, anxiety and stress in their work and personal life.

Each phase is non-dogmatic and builds on the last, guiding the participant to a personal experience of entering a state of relaxed awareness and deep relaxation, which is carried into their everyday lives.

Phase I Guided Deep Relaxation and Introduction to the Meditative State

Deep Relaxation is achieved and the fundamentals of the meditative state experienced; exploring body scanning, awareness of breath, and a non-judgmental relaxed awareness of the mind and thoughts.

Participants are effortlessly guided into DCS (Deep Conscious Sleep) Relaxation, a technique used by the US Military and Top Fortune 500 companies to release stress and effortlessly enter the meditative state of relaxed awareness.

Not only is Phase I more effective than a massage of the body it engages a deep relaxation of the mind, providing relaxation techniques that can be used by your employee anytime of the day in any situation.

All sessions are comfortably guided for ease of learning, including cushions, eye pillows and blankets.

Phase II Exploring Modern Meditation Techniques for Everyday Relaxation and Clarity

Provides a unique personal experience of meditation to each of the participants as we explore a select grouping of dynamic (movement based) meditation, and more relaxed forms of meditation.

Each session is very simple, has silent and music based components, and ranges from light to medium physical exercise. We experience the development of Self-Awareness and Self-Management through the non-dogmatic fundamentals of meditation techniques.

The employee is led to a state of silent watchfulness through these practices and guided to the value of this state in their everyday life.

Phase III Emotional Intelligence and Physical Health in the Workplace

Establishes an overall health and wellness program within the office, providing easy stretching and breathing exercises for work and home and simple awareness and relaxation practices that can be done at anytime of the day.

This last phase provides the training to be self-sufficient in personal practice. At work stretching is provided for posture and to prevent carpal tunnel, and breath and meditation training is continued developing self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence.

The Modern Meditation Program provides the Life-Skills needed for today’s modern mind. Treating sleep disorders, stress, anxiety and depression, and developing emotional intelligence the program is currently in place providing training to Medical Professionals at the Toronto General Hospital, along with knowledge workers in fast-paced IT, Sales and Director roles across Ontario.

In this video a few Employees and Directors talk about their experience after completing the Modern Meditation Program. Modern Meditation is now an ongoing Health and Wellness Program at Myplanet Digital, and an integral component of training for their knowledge workers – establishing Life-Skills for Eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Tension and Developing Creativity, Intuition, and Emotional Intelligence.

Myplanet Digital is a high-growth Digital Strategy company with clients such as Bridgestone, The Royal Conservatory of Music, Proctor & Gamble, The University of Western Ontario and many more.
Their Employees interact directly with clients and create innovative and creative digital solutions.

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