Medical Professionals

Treating Pain with Meditation

[Researchers from Université de Montréal Dr. Pierre Rainville and Joshua Grant have found that meditation actually changes the emotional response to pain by an incredibly large degree – causing the patient to increase the pain threshold greatly by as early as 4 days of meditation.]

The American Institute of Stress

[Non-profit organization established in 1978 at the request of Hans Selye to serve as a clearinghouse for information on all stress related subjects. The Institute publishes the monthly newsletter, Health and Stress.]

AMSA Medical Student Well-Being Overview, Initiatives, Links Gen Resources, Publications, References

[Includes AMSA’S Wellness Resource Guide For Medical Students comprised of articles, poems and quotes written and compiled by medical students for medical students, intended to provide tools and suggestions for surviving and thriving in med school and beyond.  Includes specific techniques helpful in promoting wellness.]

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

James Gordon, MD, President

[Website includes list of on line resources, training programs sponsored by the center including Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine, recommended holistic practitioners in Washington, DC, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine Library,  books by James Gordon, MD, Mind-Body Skills Group Program for local residents.]

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society

Heal Thyself

[Heal Thyself is an affiliation of practitioners and teachers dedicated to the enhancement of the delivery of clinical health care and the goals of providing programs dedicated to the health and well-being of the clinician and links and information about other individuals, groups and reading resources applicable to the growth of healthier healthcare workplaces and practitioners. Website includes list of “Heal Thyself” workshops, retreats and professional lectures available.]

The Institute for the Study of Health and Illness (ISHI)

[Founded in 1991 by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, Commonweal’s ISHI is a professional development institute for physicians who wish to examine their professional role in depth. Website includes a description of ISHI’s Educational Programs including CME curricula, a physician outreach program, medical school curriculum and ISHI books and tapes.]

Mind/Body Medicine Webpage

[General overview of mind/body medicine including articles on Introduction to Mind/Body Medicine, Mind/Body Therapies and Mind/Body Approaches to Health Disorders.  Includes an Information Center and Resource Center link as well as transcripts of 3 interviews with leaders/authors in the field of Mind/Body Medicine: Larry Dossey, MD, Deepak Chopra, MD, James Gordon, MD.]

Stress Relief Strategies Webpage

[A straight-forward, accessible guide to stress relief strategies including: Discussion, Common Sign and Symptoms of Excess Stress, The Goal, Strategies for Stress Relief, Stress Relief Ideas in Specific Situations, Q&A’s, Difficulty Making Changes, Resources.]

The Mind Body Medical Institute

Herbert Benson, MD, President

Harvard Medical School and Beth/Israel-Deaconness Medical Center

[Excellent website with educational information including:  Mind/Body Basics, Wellness Information, Training Courses, Women’s Health, School Health, Workplace Health, Research and Online Shop for books and audio cassettes.]


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