Creative in the Moment – 5 Tips for Creativity and Clarity in your Day

With January 17th (the most depressing day of the year) far behind us and our New Years Resolutions still fresh in our minds, this moment provides us with a great space to evolve our mindset.

Bringing clarity and creativity into our day to day actions will not only provide you with a sense of motivation and optimism, but also that there is a deeper meaning and value in your work and personal life.

Greatness does not lie in what you do. Greatness lies in the consciousness you bring while you do it.

Top Fortune 500 companies and most prominently Google recognize the value of optimism, happiness and self-awareness within the workplace and the personal lives of their employees so highly that they have instituted a weekly program at their Google University called Search Inside Yourself .

Here are 5 tips to heighten your consciousness and evolve Creativity and Clarity into your daily life:

  1. Space and Time for a Physical Refresh.
    1. Find it and dedicate time for physical fitness, look at it like a cold splash of water on your face, refreshing your perspective . Go for a walk through the park, take a work-break to do stretches, find one of the many new types of fitness fads and give it a shot. Removing the dark haze from our minds, physical movement is key to flush Cortisol (Bad Stress Hormone), spark our Blood Circulation and Balance our Endocrine system  from our sedentary lifestyles.
  2. Breathe.
    1. Our Breath  is the most vital function of our bodies, and the most powerful tool to center ourselves in the present moment. When you feel stressed or anxious in a situation where you need a clear approach, bring your awareness to your breath and take a deep inhale and exhale, and then consciously bring your breath back to a slow rhythmic flow – practice this as many times in a day you can – it will settle your desire to react and bring clarity in your actions.
  3. Listen.
    1. Truly listen, practice losing yourself completely in the communication. In Life Coaching and the study of Emotional Intelligence by Harvard University; Empathy – the ability to enter the deepest level of listening is a powerful tool for Self-Awareness. While others react and burst forth to profess their deep insight – follow the ways of the Zen Masters. If you listen most deeply, you get the last word.
  4. Silence.
    1. You’d be surprised at how productive doing nothing can be. Lawyers from Berkley Law, top CEO’s, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, and the Tech Guru’s of Google are doing it. Meditation provides  conscious Relaxation deeper than sleep, releasing modern stressors that primal sleep cannot, and it releases the highest level brain waves (EEG coherence) ever recorded. Simple and effective, find a reputable consultant to teach you the Life-skill of Meditation to unleash your creative force today.
  5. Have Fun!
    1. Bring a sense of Joy back to your work, a playfulness in what you are doing. If you look constantly only at what you will get out of the current situation – this will forever take you away from the present moment and bring tension into your everyday. Visualize what you want to achieve but then return to what you are doing, be present-oriented. This fun based attention that we reconnect with transforms stress, a natural force of action we most come to terms with, into a creative and productive force in the moment, rather then a negative connotation.

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