Both the Harvard Business School and Europe’s leading business school, INSEAD, have concluded, from research, that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.

Why Modern Meditation in your Workplace?

Our Corporate Program courses will teach you and your team:
  • How to achieve optimum stress levels.
  • How customer service escalates when stress levels fall.
  • How to develop an unwavering relaxed state regardless of external events.
  • Proven approaches to develop creative mindsets for solving problems.
  • How team performance soars when staff can get results effortlessly.
  • Powerful techniques to do anytime, anywhere.
  • How to increase staff sustainability by reducing the impact of stress in the workplace.
  • The secrets elite military teams and peak performing athletes use to get outstanding results.

The positive effects of meditation — increased calm, ease, center, poise, and balance — are now bolstered by over 4 decades of scientific research and more than 700 scientific tests conducted at universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford as well as on going studies at MIT, University of Massachusetts and Harvard Medical School.

Intuitively, most leaders sense that more stress is not the way to build performance. Decision-making skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, focus, and concentration are all compromised by prolonged, ongoing stress.

However, the reverse is true in regard to inner calm. It is an optimal state in which you are most resourceful. Your memory improves, as does your ability to think laterally, create options, gain perspective, and problem solve creatively.

What separates the new breed of emerging leaders in the new millennium, is the ability to effectively manage their inner states — the brakes and accelerators that drive results.

That’s why more and more companies use Corporate Meditation techniques to foster concentration and creativity among their employees, and help generate breakthrough results in employee retention, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Highly interactive and packed with learning, the Modern Meditation Program provides corporations and medical professionals with the tools needed for success in the modern marketplace.

Meditation enhances the qualities companies need most from their knowledge workers: increased brain-wave activity, enhanced intuition, better concentration, and the alleviation of the kinds of aches and pains that plague employees most – Harvard Medical School & National Institute of Health

  • In this video a few Employees and Directors talk about their experience after completing the Modern Meditation Program.
  • Modern Meditation is now an ongoing Health and Wellness Program at Myplanet Digital, and an integral component of training for their knowledge workers; establishing Life-Skills for eliminating Stress, Anxiety and Tension and developing Creativity, Intuition, and Emotional Intelligence.

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