Contemplative Photography Toronto

This June 12th, 2011 we held a contemplative photography training session at High Park in Toronto. This beautiful Sunday session started off with a mindful walk through the park, a talk about the fundamental elements of experiencing a mindful state  in the midst of photography and a few hours of exploring the immense beauty found within the many moments of our day.

Contemplative photography is the practice of incorporating a meditative state into the rich art of photography.

This practice brings us to a strengthened cultivation of moment to moment presence in our everyday activities and most importantly allows us to experience finding the beauty in what would normally be passed by and regarded as ‘ordinary’.

Fully entering the space of the present moment by way of expanding our awareness to encompass our physical sensations, emotions, feelings and the subject, bestows a deeper essence in the image itself.

We use our underlying currents of feelings, physical sensations and emotions as the raw materials to capture the image itself.

The photography session started off with a mindful walk of the park grounds, tuning into the underlying physical, emotional and spiritual space we currently found ourselves in while enjoying the sights and sounds that engulfed us.

We then explored the essential elements of cultivating a mindful state while choosing a subject, as well as the state of awareness embodied before, during and after capturing the image itself.

The experience led to an incredible sense of fulfillment and joy as we reviewed our moments captured on film at the end. The feeling of lightness that lasted for quite sometime afterwards from spending a few hours engulfed in a heightened state of presence, truly infused our work with an element of essence.

Below is a quick video of a few selected images and videos from the 2 hour session – if you would like to be a part of future sessions then please join our group by clicking here.

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