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How to Control Anger – 3 Steps for any Situation

How to control anger… in any situation? Here is a light approach to this very heavy subject exploring 3 simple steps on how to control anger – starting with a recent run in with our provincial police… Read More

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2 Simple Communication Skills for Success

Communication, especially when it is effective and meaningful, is one of the most important elements of success in life. It is incredible how little (if any) training is provided to develop skills for effective communication. 

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Vulnerability and its Power to Transform

Vulnerability is one of our most fundamental elements to free ourselves from a self-defeating inner talk. Here we explore this potential for vulnerability along with an incredibly inspiring video from Read More

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Communication tips and conflict resolution

Defense is our most practiced strategy when it comes to conversations, and most of the time our weakest game. Offense which implies using emotional intelligence; empathy the ability to listen and self-awareness the ability to listen to our assumptions and feelings is our best strategy. So how do we make the shift? Read More