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4 Steps to Visualizing Your Perfect Day (incl. Guided Audio Practice)

The realities of today’s fast paced life isn’t a secret. We get out of bed and without a chance to be aware of what we’re doing we jump into the race against time to get out the door – racing through emails, zipping through the bathroom, piecing together the kids, dashing through breakfast…makes it seem like the perfect day is out of reach. Read More

Zindel Segal on mental health and the science of mindfulness

Zindel Segal is a world renown Doctor in his work on depression and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). He is a pioneer in helping spread awareness of mental health and on February 9th 2011 (Mental Health Day) I had the privilege to share time and interview Dr. Zindel Segal on the impacts of mental illness and the power of mindfulness as a tool to help alleviate this suffering shared by so many. Read More

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Neuroplasticity – The Brain That Changes Itself

Yesterday (Friday November 19th, 2010) I had the great privilege to attend Norman Doidge MD’s revolutionary workshop and seminar on Neuroplasticity from his book – “The Brain That Changes Itself”.

That our brain can change it’s structure and function is a revolutionary finding, because up until now science and society has been approaching our mind, and in return US, as something rigid, that “This is the way we are, for life” = wrong, very, very wrong… Read More