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Contemplative Photography Toronto

This June 12th, 2011 we held a contemplative photography training session at High Park in Toronto. This beautiful Sunday session started off with a mindful walk through the park, a talk about the fundamental elements of experiencing a mindful state  in the midst of photography and a few hours of exploring the immense beauty found within the many moments of our day. Read More

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How to Stimulate Creativity & Insight

What to do when you’ve come to a halt in creativity and insight in your personal life or career? This question is regularly on the minds of many, even one of the most creative companies in the world – Walt Disney. By exploring the steps they took to overcome this hurdle along with novel approaches of self-reflection and journaling you’ll be soon well on your way with creative juices flowing. Read More

Mindfulness Meditation – A Simple How-To & Guided Practice

What is Mindfulness Meditation? Here I explore a brief definition of the practice and it’s Western Psychological benefits. At the end there is a Mindfulness Meditation Guide for your own personal practice. Read More

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Zen Insights Connecting Us to the Moment

Zen has its roots in the Sanskrit word “dhyana” which directly translated is Meditation – a state of awareness connected deeply with ones own existence. In my own experience I see it as a “Freedom from a self defeating Mind conditioned for judgement and analysis”- by quieting my judging and analyzing mind, during meditation I reconnect with the simplicity and contentment of everything that is around me, at that very moment. Read More

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Meditation Health and Wellness at Work

The Modern Meditation Program is a corporate training program that is comprised of three phases and 12 sessions. The program provides a resonant personal experience to each participant and is held in group sessions providing a powerful space for team building.
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Creative in the Moment – 5 Tips for Creativity and Clarity in your Day

With January 17th (the most depressing day of the year) far behind us and our New Years Resolutions still fresh in our minds, this moment provides us with a great space to evolve our mindset.

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