What is Mindfulness? A visual infographic of its relevance

What is mindfulness? With the growth of mindfulness meditation as an intervention for stress, anxiety, depression, pain and many other common ailments, this is quickly becoming a big question arising all over North America. Read More

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How to Journal (A Simple Guide for Self-Discovery)

How to journal is a common question in life/corporate coaching, with this simple guide you’ll find out how to journal on your terms – sparking the path towards self-discovery.

“Journaling is the practice of self-discovery by writing to yourself” ~ Chade Meng Tan (Google) Read More

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4 Simple Reflections That Can Change Your Life

Providing just a few minutes of simple reflection at anytime in the day can radically transform the quality of our day to day living. Very rarely do we provide ourselves the opportunity in our busy schedules to sit back and reflect on how lucky we really are. Read More

How to Control Anger – 3 Steps for any Situation

How to control anger… in any situation? Here is a light approach to this very heavy subject exploring 3 simple steps on how to control anger – starting with a recent run in with our provincial police… Read More

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2 Simple Communication Skills for Success

Communication, especially when it is effective and meaningful, is one of the most important elements of success in life. It is incredible how little (if any) training is provided to develop skills for effective communication. 

Read More

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4 Steps to Visualizing Your Perfect Day (incl. Guided Audio Practice)

The realities of today’s fast paced life isn’t a secret. We get out of bed and without a chance to be aware of what we’re doing we jump into the race against time to get out the door – racing through emails, zipping through the bathroom, piecing together the kids, dashing through breakfast…makes it seem like the perfect day is out of reach. Read More

UCLA Meditation study finds quicker & stronger brains with practice

A February 2012 UCLA meditation study on the brains of practicing meditators has found remarkable evidence that a regular meditation practice strengthens our brains.

Eileen Luders, an assistant professor at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, and colleagues, have found that long-term meditators have larger amounts of gyrification (“folding” of the cortex, which may allow the brain to process information faster) than people who do not meditate. Read More

Meditation in schools – Resources & How To for stress reduction & attention

Meditation in schools is becoming increasingly popular with a growing number of studies showing the effectiveness of quiet reflection on stress, anxiety and ADHD. I have had the privilege of teacing over 200 students at Monsignor Doyle Secondary School in Mindfulness Mediation. In this article I share with you some tips and resources on how to do the same in your own school or one that is in your community. Read More

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International Womens Day Inspirational Quotes

International Womens Day I feel is a reminder of how important a mother role is within our world. A nurturing, compassionate and life giving force, woman play an integral role in paving the way of a life that holds deeper meaning and qualities that we aim to aspire to. Read More

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Wisdom 2 Conference – Watch Livestream videos, schedule and speakers here

Wisdom 2 conference (Wisdom 2.0) is a revolutionary gathering of the top companies in Silicon Valley; Google, Zynga, Twitter, Facebook and more, with the top leaders in contemplative science. The goal is to infuse and spread a wiser way of being into our technology driven fast paced lives, both in the workplace and at home. Read More

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