4 Simple Reflections That Can Change Your Life

Providing just a few minutes of simple reflection at anytime in the day can radically transform the quality of our day to day living. Very rarely do we provide ourselves the opportunity in our busy schedules to sit back and reflect on how lucky we really are.

The fast pace of our lives leads us to getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day responsibilities, news, social media and the challenges we face. We tend to constrict and focus in on challenges or issues we’re facing and miss out on what’s happening in the moment.

When we shift to a more open and accepting attitude towards our current situation, we provide the opportunity to respond more skillfully to the challenges we are actually faced with, as opposed to reacting out of habit if our vision and thoughts are overwhelmed by the challenge itself.

In my experience of exploring different tools we can use to transform the quality of our lives for the better I came about these four simple reflections from the Tibetan culture that can really help us move towards this more open and accepting space in our lives.

At anytime in the day, take a few minutes when you’re comfortable to close your eyes, resting your awareness on whatever’s arising for you; emotionally, physically and mentally without trying to change a thing. And, when you’re ready simply feeling the breath for a few moments until you’re ready to immerse yourself with these four simple reflections:

  • We create our destiny
    • If I choose to do good, great things will manifest, tension and anxiety will subside, and if I choose otherwise the opposite will happen.
  • This Life is Rare & Valuable Full of Opportunity and Freedom
    • How lucky I am to have this rare and valuable life, filled with opportunity and the freedom to safely rest in spare time.
  • Hardships arise when we become attached, uncaring or push away
    • The stress, tension and anxiety we feel comes when our calm natural way of being is brought off balance by being too attached, insensitive or indifferent to people, things and situations in our life.
  • Change is the only constant in life
    • Everything around us, everything we have including our life will change and the more I accept this the easier life will get

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